Energy efficiency

      SDAP Center offers assessment of energy efficiency opportunities by applying systematic approach to energy flows in the buildings considering them as a single thermal unit. We are assisting our clients in :

      • carrying out energy efficiency and environmental expertise;
      • carrying out comprehensive energy audits;
      • developing Energy Passports for new buildings;
      • carrying out calculations of thermal performance of the building envelope;
      • selecting insulation materials;
      • selecting energy efficient windows;
      • weatherizing houses, installing thermal insulation, designing and regulating heating systems;
      • selecting lighting equipment;
      • selecting HVAC systems;
      • selecting other energy efficient appliances

      We provide full range of superior energy efficiency measures in construction sector by analyzing energy performance baseline and benchmarking the reference data of the building structure for different climatic zones of Georgia, carrying out energy audits, developing Energy Passports for buildings; participating in design of new buildings and/or renovation of the existing ones. To this end our goal is to provide customers with up to date solutions of energy supply in buildings leading to improved energy efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and financial gains. We are able to apply these measures to various types of buildings ranging from residential to hospitals, schools and other types of public buildings.

      SDAP Center experts together with other international and local experts were involved in preliminary assessment of current construction practices and have developed recommendations for building industry how to improve energy efficiency in Georgia.

      Renewable energy

      SDAP Center provides support and research in order to ensure promotion of renewable energy applications at all levels including implementation stage. Thus, all renewable energy sources: solar, geothermal, wind energy, biomass, mini hydro- energy, as well as related environmental and socio- economic aspects are in the scope of our professional interest.

      In addition to the technology research SDAP Center conducts advanced studies on:

      • assessment of locally available renewable energy sources, and assessment of environmental conditions,
      • assessment of market for the planned technology use, review of available RES and similar commercial components and equipment / systems, manufacturers;
      • technical and economic analysis of the RES technologies.

      Energy Management

      The SDAP Center responsibilities in Energy-Management component are:

      • development of energy management certification program concept;
      • conducting energy audits in buildings; development of training courses and certification program for energy managers.

      Sustainable energy and environmental policies

      SDAP Center has extensive experience and knowledge in the sustainable energy/environmental policy making area. We offer our knowledge to governmental representatives in shaping sustainable energy/environmental policies with its workable instruments targeting energy efficiency and renewable energy applications.

      Development and implementation of educational programs

      In cooperation with GTU, SDAP Center is responsible for improvement of GTU’s curricula regarding energy auditing and energy management issues.

      Supported by NATELI project SDAP Center is involved in:

      • development of the “Energy Audit Manual” textbook;
      • development of the energy auditor’s certification program.