Ongoing projects:

      1. Feasibility Study for Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project in Public Buildings Located in Mountainous Settlements of Georgia - funded by NEFCO.

      2. Baseline Development and Impact Assessments for Commercial Buildings in Georgia - Funded by GGF.

      3. Energy Efficiency Improvements in Public Buildings and the Use of Renewables and Alternative Energy. Specialized Project Implementation Support to the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia – funded by NEFCO.

      4. DANIDA project (within NIRAS Consortium under the Danish Neighborhood Program) –“Consultancy on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy in Georgia”. SDAP Center was involved in the project under sub-consultancy agreement and is responsible for three components of the project: - New national energy efficiency building code; - Methodology for monitoring and reporting (MRV); - National grid code regulation and standards.

      Implemented projects:

      1. World Bank Project “Tbilisi Urban Regeneration & Energy Efficiency Project (Phase 2)”.

      2. World Bank Project “Tbilisi Urban Regeneration & Resiliency. Energy Efficiency and Implementation measures in Public Buildings”.

      3. "Retrofitting 3 kindergartens in Rustavi City in order to achieve high energy efficiency standards and greenhouse emission reduction". Project implementer is the SDAP Center. Project implementing partner is the Rustavi City Municipality. Project is financed by European Union Commission within SUDEP (Sustainable Urban Demonstration Programme) under the Covenant of Mayors Initiative.

      4. “Feasibility Study for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Public Buildings and the use of Renewables and Alternative Energy in Georgia” – NEFCO project. The SDAP Center is involved in the project as a local partner within NIRAS consortium.

      5. Consultancy services for GGF (Green for Growth Fund Southeast Europe) project that aims to support its Partner Institution – TBC Bank in Georgia in financing energy efficiency (EE) projects. In particular, with GGF funding, the TBC bank plans to promote its innovative “green residential mortgages” for apartments that are part of energy efficient new buildings.

      6. Assistance with drafting of the first National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) phase I.

      7. "Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC LEDS) Clean Energy Program" - 5 year project implemented by the Winrock International/USAID.

      8. "Integrated Natural Resources Management in Watersheds of Georgia" (INRMW) funded by USAID through the Global Water for Sustainability Program (GLOWS), led by Florida International University (FIU).

      9. New Applied Technology, Efficiency and Lighting Initiative (NATELI) project, guided by Winrock International –Georgia and supported by USAID.